Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Final Major Project

I'm now starting my final project for my Foundation course and will document my development here. I've chosen the theme 'The Effects of Time' and one of my first inspirations have been Sam Taylor Wood, Director of 'Nowhere Boy'.
Wood's piece 'Still Life' is based on the still life style adopted by painters during 17th and 18th century.

The contrast between the pen and the fruit in Wood's film has inspired me further. I can use objects in my work that take different amounts of time for a visible change to occur.
I took my first set of images before I came across Wood. However these photographs fit in with my idea of recording different degrees of time throught the reaction of objects.
Here are two of those photographs.


'lexie said...

if i'm not mistaken claire casey this is my teacup!
:) haha im obviously not bothered these photos are gorgeous!

Claire Casey said...

T'is indeed your tea cup =O
Thank you, I hope I done it justice =D